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Have you ever tried or thought about generating leads on social media?


Then you  might be missing a huge opportunity to attract leads

With over a million users, Social Media can be the best and most effective way to attract leads to your business.

When it is done right, Social Media Marketing can do wonders for your business in attracting leads. There is a reason why about 76.8% of business owners included digital marketing in their marketing strategies.

If you haven’t leveraged the benefits of Social Media yet, you are already way behind the curve.

However, fret not.

Here in this, we have reviewed 5 quick and effective ways to generate leads for your business using social media.

So let’s get started.

organic social media lead generation

1. Launch Lead magnet offers

Incentivizing people to share your brand and your information is tricky, however, it works well on social media.

About 80% of Social Media users are active deal seekers, and they often hunt for lucrative deals and offers.

In fact, some users, follow certain brands exclusively for attractive offers.  If you become a valuable resource for your followers, you can slowly convert them into potential audiences later on.

Therefore, try to provide interesting lead-generating offers that people want. This could be anything – special day offers, Discount offers, promo code, gifts, giveaways, etc.

2. Share client testimonials on social media

Customer testimonials and stories can omg omg onion provide the proof you need to generate new leads. Using testimonials, a brand can demonstrate to its followers how other customers have benefited from their product or services.

According to the recent report by Wyzowl, about two out of three people are more likely to buy something after watching a testimonial video.

For instance, IBM shares engaging video testimonials that demonstrate how its products have benefited users.

3. Target ads

Pay-per-click social media advertising is highly effective for generating social media leads. You can use this strategy to show your audience – offers tailored to their interests by utilizing the highly specific targeting options provided by paid social ads. Try to use paid ads to advertise content related to specific subjects, special discounts, and limited-time offers on your products and services.

For instance, The Economist targeted relevant audiences with Instagram ads. An enticing deal makes people more likely to subscribe to the publication when they click on the ad’s social media links. This makes their social media advertising more successful.

4. Leverage social media influencers and sponsorships

Rather than using paid ads, you could also use social media content already consumed by your target audience to attract leads. It is a good idea to sponsor shows, YouTube channels, and content that is popular with your target audience.

By doing so, you can get someone to talk about your brand, product, or service, even for just a few minutes. It is much more engaging than forcing ads on a group of people who may not even see them.

5. Referral programs

Referral campaigns can be highly effective in doubling your sales leads. These campaigns provide an incentive to your leads for referring their friends and/or colleagues. This means that those referred to your products or services have the opportunity to learn about them and possibly become new leads.

In exchange for referrals, you could offer a gift card, free gift, or a discount.

MasterClass, for instance, came up with a referral program that allows people to receive a free membership when they gift one to someone. The company then promoted the campaign using organic posts and paid ads on social media.


You should be able to see a significant boost in your social ROI with the help of these highly effective social media lead generation ideas. In the long run, this will fuel your business growth. Be sure to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts and look for ways to improve.

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