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5 Trending Web App Ideas For Startups To Look For In 2022

Sometimes the most challenging part of kick-starting a new project is coming up with a unique and innovative idea.  Especially when the world is moving towards digitalization with a myriad number of websites and applications already in the market, it becomes hard for the startup to meet the customers’ changing needs and ongoing website trends.

Being an entrepreneur or startup, it’s imperative for you to come up with unique web app ideas with out-of-box features to stand tall in the competitive market.

So, are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup looking for unique web app ideas that would help you conquer the world?  Then, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have curated a list of unique and innovative web app ideas that could take your business to the next level.

So let’s browse through some of the startup ideas that might suit your vision.

But before we delve into the topic, let me give you a short intro about “Web application.”

Short Glimpse of Web application

The Web Application is software that functions on a web server designed to do specific tasks. Unlike software-oriented applications, these web applications run on the operating system of any device.  Users can access these web applications through browsers.

Advantages of Web application

  • Since web application runs on web service, it doesn’t require any installation or storage space.
  • Eliminates compatibility issues because every user will use the same version of the application.
  • The web app requires minimal support and less maintenance, can even rescue the maintenance cost in the long run.

Ok, now that you have a basic idea about the web application, now we can jump into the topic.

5 trending web app ideas for a startup in 2022

There are numerous ideas that you can consider to develop for your start-up company. However, it’s important to understand ongoing market trends and work towards them. Therefore our team has shortlisted 5 major in-demand web apps that will rule the market in upcoming years.

Here is the list

  1. CRM for Small Business

Out of the blue, CRM has been a major topic in the business world for the past few years. Suppose you haven’t heard about CRM, let me give you a short answer.

CRM -Customer Relationship Management is a collection of software that is used to manage, engage and empower the relationship with customers, thereby increasing the customer base and growth of the company.

If you want to know more about CRM, we have already covered it in our previous blog. Do check out the Blog

Back to the topic

So you might be wondering – how focusing on CRM in 2022 could be rewarding if it’s already in the market.

To be honest, currently, only a few prevalent software are accessible in the market, like Hubspot and Salesforce.  However, they are focused on targeting corporates, Medium size, and large scale companies.

So creating a омг площадка CRM which is completely focused on Small businesses and startups can be a much rewarding option. Furthermore, Startups are eventful. Thus,  with dedicated web app ideas like CRM, you can accommodate their ever-changing and ever-growing business effortlessly.

Pro tips: Keep in mind the foremost strategy to be successful in creating CRM is to make sure that your CRM is simple, easy to use, and economical.

  1. AI and ML-based Astrology Applications

The belief and practice of astrology have been rooted back to several centuries. It was prevalent in countries like China, India, and Europe. But also other countries like the UK, US, Canada also practice some form of astrology.

Be it India, China, or the UK, regardless of demographics, many people around the world have strong beliefs in astrology – to the fact that all forms of astrology have the same roots.

So why not create a web app that predicts astrology combining AI and ML technology.

Astrology Applications based on AI and ML can be one of the most effective and unique ways to make money in 2022.

Right from trading to education success, astrology advisory apps can help you make perfect predictions combining millions of user databases.

All you need to know is the basics of AI and ML, along with astrology to predict patterns.


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  1. Online Tutoring Application

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected many businesses directly. But there is one sector that has gained popularity massively: e-learning.  According to a recent survey, about 67% of students and education sectors feel online tutoring is better than classroom education.

Due to the pandemic, apparently, 85% of the school, colleges, and education sectors have moved to e-learning / online tutoring platforms. For the fact, e-learning applications can still be a big thing even after a pandemic.

So investing in online tutoring applications can be very effective in 2022. One of the best examples of e-learning applications is Udemy.

  1. YouTube Radio Application

Developing a YouTube radio app can be the best choice for your startup as it requires very little investment compared to the above-mentioned ideas.

Today, YouTube has been one of the most popular social media platforms, it’s the second-largest search engine, next only to google.  About 30,000 hours of newly updated content are uploaded on YouTube every hour.

So why not leverage this massive advantage of YouTube and create a web app that shows the most trending content on YouTube? As you already know, YouTube is a search-based platform. With YouTube radio in place, it can eliminate the searching and boring playlist creation process. All you have to do is play and enjoy your favorite video.

  1. Healthcare Application

As the new variant of the coronavirus has been emerging every month, the Need for personalized healthcare and medicine has been increasing as well. Launching a health care app now can be highly profitable. You can choose various options such as a medicine delivery app, diagnostics, and report delivery app, health tracker, Doctor Appointment app, or end-to-end healthcare app.


There are so many other ideas you can consider implementing in 2022. But before implementing, do deep down research on the ideas before finalizing the concept.

In case you are looking to implement any one of the above-mentioned ideas, Our Website design company in Coimbatore can help you with it.  All you need to do is ring us.

If you want to learn more about concepts and ideas in web applications. Let me know in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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