Facebook Temporarily Bans More Type Of Ads Amid Corona Virus Outbreak" alt="">

Facebook Temporarily Bans More Type Of Ads Amid Corona Virus Outbreak

Facebook, on March 6, announced to temporarily banned ads and commercials of listing medical facemask as the company continues to deal with the user reaction of the outbreak of COVID-19.

However, Facebook takes even further steps and started to ban more types of ads for products such as Hand Sanitizer, Surface Disinfection wipes, COVID-19 testing kit.

“This is another step to protect against inflated prices and predatory behavior we’re seeing,” says Facebook’s Rob Leathern.

In addition, if Facebook detects abuse around these products in organic posts, that content will be removed too.

Facebook is working on automating the ads review system this might cause some delay

Social media giant Facebook is trying to automate the enforcement of ads and commerce, which begin next week.

Facebook has planning to send their send home all their workers who are working on contract for reviewing content that includes Reviewing and monetizing ads
Therefore for the upcoming day, you might face some delay in the review of ads and commercial listing, ad disapproval might increase, and Delay in response and support.

Currently, marketers are advised to expand the availability of existing advertisements instead of generating new advertisements. It helps to ensure that there is no interference.

When necessary, advertisements are best left running as the editing of an ad leads to a new analysis. No new омг вход advertising analysis can cause a shift in the budget or at the start/end of a current ad.

Facebook Is Working On Automating The Ads Review System This Might Cause Some Delay
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