Secret to SEO Success: Find High Volume Competitive Keywords


Secret to SEO Success: Find High Volume Competitive Keywords

Keyword Search volume is one of the most important and probably the most frequently used metric in SEO. Whole businesses are being built out of the popularity of certain search queries in Google. In this post, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about search volume: what it is, why it’s important, and how to use it in your marketing.

So what is Keyword Search volume?

            Keyword search volume represents the number of searches for a particular keyword during a selected time frame. The number of searches is usually an average value. The most popular metric is the average monthly search volume. It’s used in Google Keyword Planner and many keyword research tools. Search volumes are used as the measurement in keyword analysis to know about the potential of the keyword in search engine traffic.

How is the keyword search volume calculated?

            Keyword search volume are calculated mainly by gathering two main sources and they are

  • Google data
  • Clickstream data

Google Data

            As we know the search volume is calculated by Google. Most of the keyword research tools used to display exactly the same data as Google Keyword Planner. An important factor which influenced the data is the keyword clustering, also called as close variant keywords. It means that Google clusters topically similar keywords, especially long tail terms.

Clickstream Data

      What is Clickstream data? How data are collected? Clickstream data is collected via browser extensions, plug-in and other applications that you install on your computer. They request your permission to collect certain data before installing. The data is then aggregated from all permitted sources and various companies buy it to use further. Moz, Ahrefs and some other SEO tools display search volumes based on the clickstream data.

Importance of Keyword search Volume in SEO

       We know keywords are alive and well, but why they are so critical to SEO?  Search engines are one of the key factors that sites attract new visitors and traffic.  it’s crucial to target keywords in your content that actually have real search volume if no one is searching for the keywords that you are targeting, no one will find your content. However, if you are only targeting keywords with extremely high search volume, it will be difficult to compete with bigger sites and get high content ranking.

How to Find High Volume Keywords?Where do I Get Keyword Search Volume Data?

Below are the tools you can use to find and examine your keyword search volume data.

  • SEM Rush
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner

SEM Rush

      SEM Rush is a competitive intelligence tool that offers users a cluster of useful data, including keyword search volume.  SEM Rush a graphical overview of how keyword trends change over time, as well as related and phrase-match keywords that is relevant to our original query.


Moz Keyword Explorer

          Moz’s one of the best tools for SEO is Keyword Explorer which was used for keyword analysis.  Moz Keyword Explorer has dashboard feature similar like SEM Rush.  Moz Keyword Explorer also provided with several other valuable data points, such as an intuitive indication, suggested relevant keywords, as well as SERP analysis, which also shows both Page and Domain Authority and more. Moz Keyword Explorer is bundled with the Moz Pro suite of tools for power users.

 Google Trends

            Google Trends may lack some of the featured in SEM Rush and Moz Keyword Explorer. Although Google Trends offers some interesting perspectives on this kind of data, such as growth, geographic popularity, and decline data for specific terms, and related topics, which can be useful in identifying branded terms related to more generic keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

               In past Google’s Keyword Planner is used as a part of the AdWords interface to conduct keyword research.  Google’s Keyword Planner offers a wide range of useful data, particularly if you’re conducting keyword research as part of a PPC campaign.  After recent updates to the AdWords interface, Keyword Planner data is now only available to users running active AdWords campaigns. If you aren’t in AdWords campaigns, you’ll see a simplified, truncated version of the data, and no graphs or other visual representations of the data.

Which Search Volumes Should You Be Targeted?

           Keyword search volume is a crucial metric that is often overlooked in favor of other metrics such as click-through rate and Google data. Keyword search volume has two primary factors to take into consideration and they are volume and competitiveness. Keywords with higher volumes mean more keywords have a more potential exposure, but will likely be much more competitive. While choosing a keyword for targeting audience we must include domain authority score, it also plays a major role in keyword targeting and searches volume.


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