How Local SEO Factors For Small Businesses?" alt="">

How Local SEO Factors for Small Businesses?

Google My Business

If you want an online presence and to rank locally your first step is Setup a Google my business page. Why waiting for, Visit and create your page. By choosing the category. While creating a google my business page we should make use of the category selector. The category should be choosing from the pre-set category from google. The category will play a vital role in local SEO ranking.

 Physical Address 

The physical address is the major point in the local SEO. Google produces the local results from the physical address and that address should be unique for one particular business.

If you running a web design company and you are concentrating the results locally and someone searches on google as Web design company or SEO company your Results will be in the top along with your physical address

 Verification By Google 

Once we set up the google my business page then we should verify the ownership. The verification is done by Google through email by sending a pin or sends the letter to the physical address and literally, it takes 5 to 10 days to arrive. After the verification alone we can see the result in google.

5 important thinks to consider- Google My Business Page, Google Reviews,  Citation Consistency, Physical address and area code of business

Area Code (Landline Number) Google My Business Page

Adding your business with a phone number, Address, Contact person still you should provide the Landline Number along with the code like “0422 -4349314” that gives a trust value for a search engine to rank your business page.

 Google Reviews

Google reviews will play a major role for a conversion the quantity and quality both are important in the Reviews segment. Online Reputation basic check is Google Review if you hold a good positive review then you will the master in conversion for your business and local ranking.


The citation is the next step after creating a Google My business, A citation is mentioning of your company’s Name, address, Phone number online. It is also referred as NAP. The consistency is very important for your business citation.

 Citation Consistency

Where ever you provide your data in online it should be unique in your name address and phone number which you have mentioned in the google my business page and website. It should be also the same in all over the Web.

 Quality of citations

Link building is the important factor in the citation and should in good quality and we should avoid spam. That will increase the trust flow of your website and business page to rank 1st on google and another search engine

 Tools to verify before submitting your data

We should verify the domain before submitting our data in other websites use majestic SEO, open site explorer through this website we can find the domain strength and trust value some free tools are given below:

Rank Checker

Domain Checker

Quantity of citations

As equally quality and quantity of the links is also important. When our company presence is all over the web equally good and pointing our website that will automatically improve my ranking in the online.

Want to improve the citation and make your Digital Marketing strong

How Local Citation Helps to improve your Ranking?


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