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How SEO Works

As you know “what is SEO” now we can jump into How SEO works.
If you miss our series blog Check it out The Things you should know about in 2020, what is SEO? Ok then let’s start Well SEO is not rocket science or open-heart surgery! It’s aren’t mysterious as you assume. They can be easily calculated when you know how they work. By know-how, SEO works are the ideal way to increase your web traffic and convert
your website to a lead generating machine.

There are two main factors how seo works one is on-page ptimization and second is off-page optimization Every day, millions of people use the search engine look for information regarding anything. It is
the simple process of searching the keyword of the information that you want to find and the search engine rundown the sites which have relevant information on the keyword. For the most part, 85% of the internet users only click on the first page
of the search result shown by the search engine. That is why it is crucial to have SEO. SEO aids business to rank high in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for keywords which are searched by the target audience. However, SEO is overflowing with
various search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. On the other hand many new firms, website, and forums popping up addition with algorithm updates, penalties and goes on. With its limitless number of updates and strategies, it is crucial to know how
exactly this SEO works here in this blog a am going to cover the link behind the Search engine and SEO

How SEO Works

Although search engines continue to refine how they classify websites, two main aspects stay, which are the basis for effective results on page 1.

OnPage – focusing on your website content and infrastructure

  • Finding and targeting the best keywords
  • Matching existing content to target keywords
  • Improvising or Creating new content according to the targeted keywords
  • Ensuring the website infrastructure and architecture

OffPage – how your website is referred to from other online sources

  • Develop a high value, applicable and theme profile links coming from several other websites of the “authority”
  • A significant and active presence on social media
  • creating citations (non-linking mentions) about you
  • Half of your SEO results are influenced beyond your direct control but can still be influenced by your activities by these offsite elements.

Search Engine looks for Good and Relevant Content

And not the Mention Content still rules the SEO There always craft a relevant and useful content matters a lot. If you want to lift your page to the top of the Search definitely you need content support. Set up a method for producing and sharing high
quality, optimized content. Make sure all content is written for people and optimized for search engine information feed.

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