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If your Website content is good then SEO works quickly

If your Website content is good then SEO works quickly


First of all the  unknown importance of BLOGS and ARTICLES is brought to light now. According to the surveys, a few days long back the content requirements were never given importance. As a consequence it was’nt so aware around that this was the main stuff which will, at the end of the day stick ends together.

Arguably this blog here is sure to put a smile into your brain.

So when you get a client who wants you to do content for his company, make sure not to stop with posting a blog. As a result, give him more insight of the multi speed promotion and reach hacks.

STEP.1: First, write a short article with the subject matter. This article should contain minimum of 300 words and make it a point that the article goes so engaging with whatever masala stuffs you can add.


  • Head lines should be catchy. (Articles that start with questions or like “10 ways to”/”hacks to” usually works well)
  • Start with a short introduction to the subject.
  • Use bulletins and subheadings to make it crisp.
  • See that the body contains solutions or ideas to whatever you have written about
  • End it with a brief and call to action.

And that’s all…

Step.2: Look to convert your article into press release.

Let’s consider this points

  • Your article should talk about only one topic.
  • Press releases have the correct format.
  • Make a list of press release sites.

Now  go a head to submit it on your preferred press release sites.

STEP.3:  When you know something, why to stop with just that? 😀 teach by making tutorials.

Let’s consider this points

  • Your article should be a solution to certain problem.
  • It should definitely be a ”how to” article.

We  have more than 7 ways that benefits out of an article. For this day, we have had a look into the above ways. Subscribe PROPLUS LOGICS, keep in touch to read more ways ahead!

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