Lead Management

What is a Lead Management System?

The Lead Management System will help strongly to sync the activity of a Tele Sales team with the team of Tele Callers. Every lead made by the Tele Callers team is directly moved to the Sales manager who mapped on the Lead Management System .Then the Sales Manager will assign the Lead manually to the field manager reporting to him.

Our lead management software helps you?

  • To generate sales quotes
  • To enhance close rates
  • To align marketing and sales
  • Never miss to call a lead
  • To schedule sms’s, emails & calls to leads
  • To follow all your information
  • To close transaction more rapidly
  • To work efficiently together
  • To focus on which is important
  • To track more businesses in less time
  • To automate follow up with leads
  • To reduce cost
  • Real time dashboards & Reports
  • To make smart decisions
  • Efficiently allot sales resources
  • To update your processes

Do you want to?

  • Never miss a lead
  • Renovate your business
  • Produce high-quality sales leads
  • Computerize sales tasks
  • Track & direct lead follow-up
  • Get better sales efficiency
  • Speed up your sales lead allotment

What our lead software do for you?

  • Never fail to notice a Lead
  • Sort out & farm out Leads
  • Lead promotion, Lead Routing
  • Reduce costs
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