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Developing a website involves a huge set of skills and techniques. In the last blog, we had covered the technologies required to develop a static website. Unlike static websites, there are tons of web development frameworks for dynamic sites available in the market.  This can be a challenging task for web developers to choose the right website framework that fulfills their requirements.

Here in this blog, I will list some of the popular technologies that are used to develop a dynamic website.

Before we begin, it’s essential to know how to select the right framework for your business, below is the checklist to find the ideal framework for your business.

  • Choose the framework that is highly adaptive and industry-specific.
  • Choose the framework that is on-trend and has a high job market value.
  • Choose the framework with good community support.

Discussed here are key aspects of some of the key web technologies.


Angular is one of the most popular web technology frameworks created by Google, designed specifically for developing dynamic web applications without using any other framework or plugin.

The Angular is bundled with various features including dirty checking, two-way data binding, MVC architecture, code generation, code splitting, etc. Angular works on the typescript as the key programing language.

Features of Angular:

  • Angular is an easy-to-use Client-side framework with a very sharp learning curve.
  • It is a completely secured Client-Side web framework with top features like DOM sanitation.
  • Angular helps the developers with different app development modes including Web, Mobile Web, Native Desktop, Native Mobile, and so on.
  • Angular is extensively prevalent in the industry as it has been developed by Google.

Why you should choose angular?

  1. If you are getting started with development frameworks or looking for a fast solution, Angular can be your best choice.
  2. Angular can be your right choice if you are looking to develop a complex and less interactive application.


React.js/ReactJS is a JavaScript library, developed and maintained by Facebook. Like angular, it is one of the most efficient and flexible open-source JavaScript libraries used to build simple, fast, and scalable web applications.

Since its introduction, React.js has taken over the front-end development space omg ссылка like a storm. Today there are about 2 lakhs of websites that are built with React.Js and some of the well-known industrial giants like Apple, Netflix, PayPal, and many others have already started using React.Js.

Features of React.js:

  • Speed: Since the developer can write code for an individual part of the application that doesn’t affect any other part of the code, it results in boosting the development process.
  • Flexibility: Compared to other frameworks, ReactJS tends to be more flexible due to its modular framework.
  • Reusable components: One of the main advantages of using ReactJS is its ability to reuse components. Developers can save time as they do not have to write a variety of different codes for the same features. Additionally, any changes made to one part of the application will not affect other parts.

Why you should choose React.js?

  1. It’s easy to learn compared to Angular and JavaScript framework, react.js is sophisticated and straightforward,  and also it isn’t hard to understand.
  2. ReactJS allows for a robust data flow bypassing some values as components and rendering them as properties in the HTML tags.
  3. ReactJS comes with an optional syntax extension- JSX, which makes it possible to write your own components.
  4. ReactJS framework works properly with web apps, optimizing the loading speed and regular function of the app.
  5. Component reusability reduces the development time, it allows developers to redeploy the same digital object.
  6. With the Virtual DOM features, high-load apps can be rendered fast without affecting the performance of the application.

Laravel Framework:

Laravel is a PHP development framework ideal for both small and complex web applications.  Its elegant and expressive syntax makes the entire web development process faster, easier and more fun for developers to create applications.

Features of Laravel:

  • Easy to get started: Developing websites and web applications using the Laravel PHP framework is easy and accessible. You don’t need to write repetitive codes again and again. Laravel offers libraries that you can use to build a website or web application from scratch.
  • Open-source: This free, open-source framework allows you to easily build large and complex web applications. You only need a text editor and a PHP installation to get started.
  • Community support: Due to its large community, it is one of the strongest players among other frameworks. When you report a bug or security breach in the framework, the community responds quickly.
  • Object-oriented libraries: Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel comes with a wide range of pre-installed object-oriented libraries. One of these libraries is the authentication library. All of these libraries are jam-packed with amazing features that can be implemented and used by developers of all levels.


WordPress is one of the leading CMS platforms. About 33% of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress. WordPress has established itself as a leader in the industry. WordPress bundled with various features makes the entire web development process faster, and more fun for developers.

Features of WordPress:

  • User-Friendly CRM: WordPress with its user-friendly CRM makes it easy for the developer to navigate through the backend of their WordPress, edit pages, upload content, and more without a lot of effort.
  • Plugins: More than 54,000 plugins are available to WordPress users, most of them free. With these plugins, you can customize and enhance any WordPress site.
  • Search Engine Optimization Ready: WordPress sites have everything an SEO-ready site needs. WordPress makes sites rank higher in search results with its constant codes for favorable Google indexing, customizable SEO components for each page, and SEO plugins.


Every year a new web technology keeps popping up and as a developer, it’s essential to stay up to date on the latest digital web technologies and learn new things all time. Above I have listed some of the most common technologies used in today’s market. However, there are lot more technologies out there in the market. Whichever technology you choose to learn, make sure these technologies are reliable and meet your needs.

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