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It is evident mobile apps have undergone tremendous change over the past years. With every new technology introduced, new mobile features come to the fore, right from simple mobile apps to Mobile commerce., VR to AR integrated mobile apps.
Several mobile app features are intuitive, fun, and useful while some are unrelieved. The unique feature and exceptional user interface are what separates the best mobile app from the rest, considering the number of mobile apps in the market.

Without any delay, let’s get to know a few of the most important mobile features to boost customer experience.

1. SimpleUI and UX

If you think that adding multiple features to your mobile app will help to increase customer experience, think twice. There is no such alternative for simple and interactive design. A mobile app loaded with an extensive number of features will make the customer lose interest. It is therefore important that business apps are simple to use, allowing customers to access information quickly. Clear, uncluttered screens ensure a good customer experience. As a result, customers are encouraged to use simple apps that can be used even by first-time users.

2. Speed

In this busy world, nobody likes to wait, so does your customer. The customers won’t stay on your application for a much longer time especially when your mobile app is slow loading. Customers will soon seek out something better if they’re stuck with constant loading speed icons. Therefore, it is imperative to include features that will increase the app’s speed. The improved speed should be compatible with multiple devices such as omg omg tablets, laptops, and smartphones. By optimizing the graphics and making the design accordingly, the app can perform better. By avoiding large tables and databases, the app will run faster.

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3. Platform Independent

Business apps need to be platform-independent. No matter what platform the app is on, it should run at the same speed and have the same features. Therefore the developer should consider the different screen sizes and resolutions for various devices before developing the website. Uploading apps on Google Play Store is easy due to its fewer restrictions policy while uploading to the App store might take some time due to its higher security policy. Therefore, businesses need to make apps platform-independent in order to improve user experience.

4. Secure

With the rise in digitalization, there are also rising cases of internet security. Hence, customers are looking for secure applications which don’t save the customer data without permission. Furthermore, your app should not store the credit or debit card information of your customers. It’s essential that the developer ensures that features and information are highly secure and prevent cyber theft.

Additionally, businesses need to protect their private assets and prevent the theft of customer data. It is imperative for companies to take measures to prevent the placement of malware into their apps or the theft of app login information.

5. Color scheme

We are all attracted to colours, and the same is true for dedicated business applications. It’s easy for the designers to experiment with the different colour schemes when performing A/B testing. As soon as you find the ideal colour scheme, you can apply it to your app. Unique and attractive colour schemes can boost clicks on businesses’ websites and apps. A colour wheel is an easy tool that can be used to pick one that looks stylish and professional. Try out some colours that are vibrant and pick one that the customers like.

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