About Bomo Shop

Bomoshop is the most trusted online store in India for all kinds of electro products. They offer a wide range of quality electronics products in and around India.


They approached us with the objective of creating an e-commerce website that could enhance their sales, traffic, and ROI to uplift their online business.


Initially, we worked closely with Bomoshop team to know about their plans and ideas for the website. Once we have gathered the information we started with the initial competitive analysis to know about their competitors as well as the customers.

After we have gathered information
• We begin building a new brand identity, our team plan to develop an intuitive user experience; design and test a website with a better information structure and flow to help the experience.
• We integrated strip check-out API for a seamless checkout process. That included storing card information to streamline consumer purchasing.
• We made the website responsive it can be viewed on all screens sizes
• Integration of Shipping option, user login, admin panel, and order management
• Managed and monitored virtual servers to ensure availability, speed, and protection


As a result of our team’s hard work, we can able to deliver the brand new website to the “Bonoshop”. Their website is easily navigable, user-friendly, responsive as well.

Bomoshop team is very much happy with the website; we have crafted the website by keeping their vision in their mind and also have included all features they asked for on the website from user login to payment gateway.
A few months after the launch of the website, Bomoshop sales have increased to 50% and now the website has become a revenue generation tool. Even more, they are getting positive revise to form their customers for their responsive and user-friendly website .


  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

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