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Summits Air Dryer Company fabricates and trades Air Dryers, Drain valves, Filter Elements, Gas Generators, Nitrogen Tire Inflator, and Pressure Vessel. They utilize great hardware to make their items and use a wide product offering. They recently propelled new innovation items ie, Onsite Oxygen generator, Medical Air Dryer, Zero Loss level Sensing Automatic Drain Valve, Ultra virtue Modular Nitrogen Generator, Closed circle blower reactivated Dryer for ultra-low and stable dewpoint. It is one of the top Air Dryer produce in India.


Summits Air Dryer is a successful company in India; they have approached us to develop their Website Design to grab their customers through online we started to work on it. Our goal was to simplify, explain, and build a brand identity and provide an e-commerce flagship experience through a website that helps them to reach the right audience at the right time.


They now have a site which didn’t reach to the individuals; the site has been stacked gradually. With the ongoing flood in the online business advertise concentrating on focused clients is fundamental to wider up Summits reach. With numerous rivals in the recorded, it’s obtaining very testing to make a solid brand personality.


Summits Air Dryer Company visited an extensive part of the web improvement association. They are not content with those associations by then advanced towards us for redeveloping their website. We have investigated and discovered the missteps on their site. We figure out that the Summits Air Dryer company website is not mobile-friendly. As most, nearly 70% of people are accessing the summit website is a mobile user; therefore, our design team implemented bootstrap to make the website adapt to the different screen sizes. We changed the entire architecture of the website; the reason is that the older website of Summits Company is less user-friendly. We build a powerful layout that is simple and easily navigable to the user. We also implemented chatbot to make the website more interactive for the use


We worked with Summits Air Dryer Company by adding all our ideas, then developed a website for them. Now the site is performing splendidly, and the business is being extended. The client is very happy by seeing the wonderful development of the company.


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