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We have all been to a marketing conference where at least one marketing executive will come upon the stage and declare, “Content is King ”, well it’s for a good reason.

Today, the marketing industry is at a point where the value of good content is finally acknowledged.

However, there are still many organizations that feel content strategies are not very effective and don’t really have efficient strategies in place.

If your organization or firm is one among them, get ready to change your mind.

Here in this blog, we will list ten amazing Content Marketing statistics that will blow your mind.

Let’s go!

Before we delve into the statistics, let’s first look into,

Why does your business need a Content Marketing strategy?

Relevant, unique, and engaging content are effective ways to improve your marketing strategies.


  • Improve your audience retention ratio: Valuable and relevant content can capture your audience’s attention, reinforce brand image and keep the existing audience engaged
  • Generate leads: With effective content, you can guide your audience to landing pages and motivate them to take action
  • Boost customer engagement: Customers will more likely make purchase decisions if they trust the brand. Unique and credible content will establish brand trust and authority.
  • Increase conversion: Unique and relevant content = higher Search Engine ranking = more visitors = more conversion. As simple as that!
  • Build brand authority: By creating quality content, you can establish your brand as an authority in your niche or industry.

10 Interesting Statistics About Content Marketing  :

  1. About 56% of businesses reported that they plan to increase their Content Marketing investment.
  2. Most B2B marketers spend about 39% of their marketing expenditure on Content Marketing.
  3. About 87% of marketers use Content Marketing to generate organic inbound leads,
  • As much as 76% of the content marketers say content has increased their leads and engagement.
  • Content Marketing can generate 3x times more leads than other traditional marketing.
  1. 92% of companies reported that content is a valuable business asset.
  • 27% of businesses report that the biggest challenge they face when creating their own content is a lack of data.
  • More than 78% of content marketers use press releases to promote their content.
  1. Reports say that a 13% increase in ROI for marketers who take a high priority on daily blog posts.
  1. 74% of people say that watching a video convinced them to buy or download software or apps. The как зайти на omg percentage increases to 84% when a video persuades them to make a purchase.
  1. Less than half (48%) of B2B marketers often create content based on the stages of the customer journey.
  1. 72% of marketers believe that branded content is more effective than magazine ads; 69% say it outperforms direct mail and PR.
  1. 69% Of B2B Marketers Now Use a Documented Content Marketing Strategy.
  2. Content marketers use email campaigns (87%) and educational content (77%) as their top Content Marketing methods to nurture their audiences.

Are you convinced yet?

A well-defined Content Marketing strategy can pull a significant amount of website visitors and leads to your business.  Your conversion rates will increase as your website traffic grows. This is why Content Marketing is crucial to growing your business in this digital age.

Content is an important part of any marketing strategy, regardless of how big or small the company is. There is no doubt that Content Marketing works, as shown by each of these stats.



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