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The Things you should know about in 2020, what is SEO?

Wondering want is SEO? We made a simple guide to explain to you what is SEO.

Ok then let’s get into the topic

What is SEO!!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization it is the method of ranking the website through free, organic search result in Search engine


SEO is an art of driving quality traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Alright let’s break this down into simple words

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website and content in order to make the search engine show your content when a relevant keyword is searched.

Breaking it down even further

SEO revolves around you (your website), Search engine (maybe Google, Bing whatever) and searcher (mostly the person who looking for information).

Let us assume that you have a blog “how to make a good coffee”
If you likely want the Search engine to recognize your blog when the searcher type the keyword “Coffee”
Therefore in order to make your blog visible to the search engine you need your blog to be properly optimized in terms of SEO.

Why SEO Matters?

Now we know what is SEO you might have question why should SEO be a big deal to my business?

When you see more than 80% of the traffic is generated through organic search engine result.
Let say you are running “Indian Traditional Restaurant” more than 90,000 people are searching for “Indian Restaurant”
consider the fact that 30% of the people click the first result of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) which means approximately 27,000 visitors to your website each month.
Sound amazing right?

Yes, it would. Most likely you can convert 70% visitor into the quality lead this show the importance of SEO.

Organic Result Vs Paid Result

SEO engine is split into two separate Sections.

  • Organic Result
  • Paid Result

Organic Result

The organic result is a natural result that ranks on the search engine without getting paid. There is no possible way to get the paid result in organic result.
The Search engine ranks the Website with 100’s of factors.
The best way to make your organic result page is only through SEO


Paid Result

The paid result is ads which appear above the organic result

These ads are purely based on paid tools like PPC (Paper per Click) as the user willing to pay for a single visitor.


As been said SEO is as becoming an important element in the business nowadays. Right from the internet revolution, many business people are trying to get their hands on SEO strategies to make their online presence visible. If you are running an online business or having a website it’s always advised to optimize your website in terms of SEO.
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