TikTok Marketing Company In Coimbatore, India

TikTok Marketing company in coimbatore

TikTok Marketing Company In Coimbatore, India

What Is TikTok

We are the top leading TikTok Marketing Company in Coimbatore. TikTok is a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest for communication and connecting networks for sharing knowledge, ideas, job opportunities, feelings, even currently used for Branding & Marketing in video content from 15 – 60 seconds. Nowadays Digital Marketing has evolved its path to deliver a content advertisement or branding a product or services to millions of loyal Targeted customers. We are serving different genres of promotions in ProPlus Logics Coimbatore.

What Is TikTok Marketing

Though TikTok is a free application and it is used in a user-friendly device like a mobile, tablet, etc.. It is one of the most important sources of a marketing platform to a product or service for the young generation. We provide the TikTok Marketing in Coimbatore. TikTok is an easy platform to attract young generation people though it is emotionally connected with them. Only recently TikTok allows advertising a business promotion or awareness

  • Challenge videos
  • Hashtag videos
  • Comedic Shots

These are the most popular types of videos in TikTok

tik tok marketingHow TikTok Marketing  Company in Coimbatore Helps To Brand Your Company

Recently TikTok allows to brand or advertise a business product or service for awareness. At first, we create an account on the name of the business and frequently post videos that directly related to that business. Though 68% of people usually watch other videos daily.

TikTok Generate Content Videos

TikTok video is between 15 to 60 seconds it is of very short timing though the content must be emotionally connected with the audience then it will go viral to the users.

Of course, it is a traditional way of marketing in video content it is already successful in YouTube following that it is also a successful application

A Chinese Restaurant provided an option of DIY menu, Many customers choose DIY menu the restaurant to allow their customers to share their videos it went viral way more than 15000 people requested DIY option meal to upload that type of meal. We are the Best TikTok Marketing Agency in Coimbatore.

About Our ProPlus Logics TikTok Marketing Company In Coimbatore

TikTok marketing company in Coimbatore ProPlus Logics holds the expertise of advertisers in TikTok platforms for top services and almost many local businesses We assure for viral or popular video results in TikTok for video advertisement even in short period of time.

The TikTok marketing company in Coimbatore has rapidly become one of the most profitable ways to promote business.

Benefits of TikTok Marketing in Coimbatore

  • Advertisements can be built-in minimum cost.
  • We can quickly and easily build trust in our business because our major population is From the 16 to 24 age group.
  • It gives complete awareness of our business or brand.
  • TikTok unlimited sharing features.
  • User engagement is higher than other Social media platforms.
  • The location can be clearly specified accordingly.

tik tok marketing companyWider Group Of Users

TikTok was developed & launched in China 2016 (It is an International Social Media Application after September 2017). More than 500 Million active daily users in the world there are 81 Million active users in India (youngsters). More than 800 Million installations in both Android & Mac. 275% of engagement rate increasing every year though it is lesser than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc….


The main reason for trending in TikTok is videos are created in their local language it is available in 75 languages that are their great success behind TikTok. 68% of users watch other videos daily. When video content is emotionally connected with the users then it will a trending video (especially comedy videos).



User Engagement 

TikTok user engagement rate is more than 29%. an average TikTok user spends 52 minutes to 1 hour on the app daily. User opens that TikTok app more than 8 times a day

Best TikTok Marketing Company in Coimbatore

There are 81 Million active users on a daily basis in India. Totally more than 5.5 billion hours of video sharing in India. The second-largest TikTok users are Indians. It is the second most downloaded app in India. The combination of more than 9 countries TikTok users is lesser than Indian Users spending time in TikTok

Hashtag Challenges

This type of challenge is the most popular form of community building in TikTok. In business promotions, it is a use full way of getting promotion in viral videos when users use their product or service in hashtag challenge videos

How To Brand In TikTok 

ProPlus Logics create your own channel and pang for your business, In that channel, we can upload a number of videos related to your business it helps to make aware of product or service quickly to the targeted customer.

Influence the user as much as possible and utilize the targeted audience for sharing our videos. Pay the minimum amount to generate a new TikTok Ad campaign. The company can make use of the step by step process of making a video.

Mainly TikTok is focused on emotional things like Funny, Humor, Lovely, Dancing, Imitation, Spoof so the company makes utilize of this type to make a video for their promotions.

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