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About the company

TN43 cafe and restaurant private limited are one of the leading restaurants in India founded by Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb Ur Rahman) well proficient businessman and a successful entrepreneur.  TN43 cafe has been serving a wide range of Indian foods (veg and non-veg) and a high-quality family dining experience in all its eccentricity and diversity. With a wide range of food and quality products Today TN43 restaurant is well known for its delectable Indian food and its cozy restaurants designed as per the mindset of the customer.


Despite being a well proficient restaurant in India Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb Ur Rahman) is looking for a personal branding and visual identity in the market. Being a businessman he felt personal branding is essential and reached us with the idea of creating a strong identity and he wants that to happen within a week.


The TN43 cafe and restaurant private limited owner Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb Ur Rahman) needed to create a campaign for personal branding.

However, the challenge we faced during the initial audit is that Mr. Mujeeb Ur Rahman doesn’t have any form of digital presence such as social media, website, etc. This makes it difficult as the time frame of the project is just 7 days.

The second challenge is that the name of the brand “TN43” is quite common and most of the competitors are .gov websites which makes it difficult to compete.

With only 7 days in hand and we are designed to create a personal brand! we realized smart work is the only way to go.


Our solution

We begin it with an initial audit to analyze the situation! We believe that making a plan and thinking things beforehand would help us to streamline the process effectively and achieve the best results.

We come up with a road map after our initial discussion:

  • Build an interactive personal profile website with interactive content
  • Create social media profile on popular social media like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Creating a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Running Google Ads campaign
  • Social media optimization


Initial Step

The first step is we break down the project into small parts and calculate how much time it takes to complete each task. Once we have come up with a proper time we began our project


Website design

Websites are the best way to showcase your products and services to the internet.  Our initial step is to create a personal website for the TN43 cafe owner Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb Ur Rahman) and it has to be done within a day.

We gathered up our skilled website designers and discussed the best and fastest platform to build a website that should be SEO friendly as well.

At the end of the meeting, we ended up with the decision of creating a website using the WordPress platform! Our website designer and UX designers were set to work round the clock to finish off the website by the end of the day.

With our experience and skilled professionals, we were able to achieve the task of creating a website in a day!


Keyword analysis

At the same time, our SEO experts were worked on the keywords that perfectly suit his goals.  One of the keyword analysis they set of 44 keywords were taken and has been shared to the client



Once the keywords were finalized,  our creative content writers set to craft interactive and SEO friendly content based on the finalized keywords.

Content is one of the important parts of digital marketing. We are very clear that content should not only look interactive but also should be well optimized for SEO.  Once the content we Finalized they were added to the website.


Social media Profile Creation

Social media is one of the key factors for personal branding! So our SMO specialist on the other hand begins with social media profile creation.

We first began with LinkedIn profile creating reason LinkedIn is first is that it is one of the professional platforms for all business people followed by Facebook, Instagram.

Other than these we also created a YouTube channel for TN43 cafe owner Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb Ur Rahman).  We believe video speaks more than a picture so with the help of our graphical designer we created some interactive video content and posted them on YouTube for more interaction.


SEO (Search Engine optimization)

We analyzed the client’s current keyword ranking position and total traffic and other factors that affect ranking and made an initial report.

After the analysis report our SEO team, to begin with, and on-page optimization process

they have made the following changes to the website

  • Title Tag
  • Meta description
  • Title
  • URL structure and 404 error
  • Adding H1 and H2
  • Internal links

Once the changes were done,  Our SEO analyst once again went through a full site audit and we found plenty of opportunities to improve the ranking both paid and SEO.

Our initial on-page audit covers

  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Meta description audit and changes
  • Deep page title audit and adjustment
  • Daily keyword ranking review

Once we have addressed all our on-page problems we move on to off-page optimization where we work on web 2.0, guest blogging on websites like Medium, your story, quora, other directories, and many more.


Google Ads  (PPC)

Meanwhile, the time frame is very short so we believe running a Google Ad words campaign will be the best idea to rank the keywords.

In the initial phase, we worked with our graphical design team and created a series of posters for banner ads.

Once the posters were ready we began our first level banner ads campaign and analyzed the result. After the analysis, we refined the campaign strategy and began our second level campaign.

Meanwhile, our DM team was also concentrating on PPC ads some of the high volume keywords were targeted to improve the traffic.


SMM (Social Media Marketing)

On their social media accounts, we had great engagement when we posted an interactive post about the TN43 cafe owner Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb Ur Rahman).

We also partnered with some of the well-known influencers and created a 30-sec video talking about Mr. Miju.C.Moidu.  We used both video and photos in social media posts to continue to post about the brand.

We also embraced reposting content, photos, and videos and also engaged with memes as well.



At the end of the week, ProPlus Logic met with the client’s demand by creating a strong personal brand for TN43 cafe owner Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb Ur Rahman).

Our SEO campaign has generated the following result

  • Organic Search: +51.13%
  • Organic SEO Traffic: +43.07%
  • Average Time on Page: +20.58%

Our social media campaign has generated a 40% increase in traffic, reach, and engagement before One week.


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