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In the era of Instagram, Clubhouse, a website is an old school, even becoming almost obsolete. Today, many people run their businesses exclusively on Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They feel comfortable with the platform as they get a considerable amount of business from them.

That’s great! As long as it works.

What if it stops working? What happens to your business? Is it a disaster, right?

Here are some of the important reasons why a website is still important for your business in 2022.

#1 A Website builds trust and credibility

Gone are the days when customers expected businesses to have contact information, brochures, registered on yellow pages, etc. Customers nowadays expect companies to have credible websites and a good online presence.

Did you know? About 78% of people find businesses with websites reliable and trustworthy than those which have a mere social media presence.

The above stats prove that websites have become a crucial factor for businesses in establishing trust and credibility. No matter the size of the business, you should have a website that is perfectly designed and show relevant information to the audience.

Publishing relevant information and addressing their concerns show that you care about their experience, leading them to feel attached to your brand.

Having a website is like a value add-on to your brand. Users can check about your services, products, reviews, and a portfolio that can help their buying decisions.

#2 A Website can work for you 24×7

One of the significant advantages of having a website is that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Even during your non-business hours, customers can access your website and seek out information or use your services, which is why having a business website is very important. Websites always make sure that customers are served in the comfort of their own homes.

#3 Get found in Search Engines

This is another most important reason to have a website. Today 75% of people use Search engines to find their needs and queries online. If you don’t have a website when they search for relevant information or keywords on SERP, you might lose your potential audience.

#4 Build an everlasting relationship with your customers

In general, people like to do business with people they know. By building strong relationships with your existing customers on your site, you will be able to give your prospective customers a chance to learn about your business (and perhaps you) and feel more comfortable doing business with you. If you establish trust, your customers will prefer doing business with you over others, just as they would with companies they do not know.

Besides omg зеркало, having a picture of you or your partner or your team will make you more real to the customers and make them more likely to make positive purchase decisions.

#5 Save Your Time and Customers

Today smartphones have become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. People don’t feel like going to the store to get the products they need. Simply, they use their mobile phone to search for the products and services they need and make a purchase. In this digital age, the market is open, and everyone knows what the best price is, for products and services. Through your website, they can learn more about the brand, features, price, size, and color.

Besides, customers can use the internet to find your store easily. Word-of-mouth can help expand your business when you provide a good product or service. The best thing about the internet is that the size of your company doesn’t really matter. The presence of a website not only lends credibility to your business but helps in creating a larger and more successful impression.

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