About Force5 BioScience

Force5 is one of the leaders in the manufacturing and suppliers of Spirulina tablets. They strive to spread health and wellness by promoting the intake of holistically nutritious natural foods. They successfully achieved by developing “Spirulina tablets” from Spirulina a superfood that has been globally acclaimed to be the richest natural source of nutrition, a powerful antioxidant, an energy booster.

Our objective

We are set with an objective to create an
e-commerce website that is appealing, responsive, SEO friendly and should showcase the brand vision and products to the customers.

How we do it

Initially, we set a meeting with the force5 head to know about their ideas, goals, and requirement. After we are clear with the ideas we started proceeding with the core analysis of competitor research and customer analytics. Once we are cleared with the report our professional graphic designer made a prototype of the website and send it to the client. Force5 was able to find the prototype is clean and modern looking and immediately approved the prototype. After we got green single our team of web designers and developers started to build a website with various features like cart option, check out, payment, wish list, etc. In the end, we have created a functional e-commerce website with various features as per the client’s business needs.

What we made

• Created a navigable architecture so the user can easily find products and information
• Integrated with WordPress CMS
• We made it responsive using a bootstrap framework so the website can work fluid on various screens
• Integrated with admin and user login panel
• Add to cart, Check out and payment option were also added
• Installed SEO plugin and website is optimized with SEO in order to make the website SEO friendly.
• Custom code development to manage online booking


By project completion, Force5 bioscience had successfully moved its offline business online and was able to provide a new online experience to the user with confident. The business is now positioned to build on its strong historical foundation and move forward into the next phase of growth.


  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

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