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We feel very proud to hand over this valuable “COIMBATORE INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY 2016” in your hands. This is our 9th Year of a consecutive edition. An exclusive WEBSITE in the domain of www.kovaipublishers.com has been created. Our customers are kindly requested to go through the site and convey your valuable feedback.

This directory has been classified into 16 Main Chapters such as, Agriculture, Automobiles, Builders, commercial, Dealers/Traders, Electrical & Electronics, Foundry, General Engineering, Industrial Components, Job-works, Machines, Spares & Equipment, Plastic & Rubber Products, Printing, Paper Machines, Pumps & Motors, Textile Machines & Wet Grinders. Each main Chapter is again classified into so many subtitles in the name of ‘Classified Contents’. The classification has been done as deeply as possible based on the nature of work to provide the best REACH for the industrialists.


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