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Google Adwords / PPC

ProPlus Logics is a leading Google Ad / PPC company in Coimbatore known for its dedicated industry and extensive expertise. We are the preferred companies worldwide for the management of PPC campaigns that deliver high ROI through constant monitoring, testing, and improved keyword focus. Regardless of what your budget is and if you have short- and long – term objectives, Our Google Ads Company in Coimbatore can manage your campaign to maximize your return.

What is PPC and Google Ads?

PPC– PPC stands for Pay – per – click, an online marketing platform where the search engine advertiser is entitled to pay a fee every time the ad is clicked. This is essentially a way to purchase visits to your sites instead of getting organically.

Google Ads– Google AdWords is a Google-developed online advertising service, where advertisers pay the web users briefly to display ads, services, product lists and video content in the Google ad network.

What Is PPC And Google Ads?

Why PPC is Essential in every Business

The PPC (pay per click advertising), an important component for a complete digital marketing campaign, is important for business online success. Many small businesses are underestimating the benefits of PPC and are therefore missing a great opportunity to quickly and efficiently grow their online businesses.

Pay per Click advertising was one of the best ways of creating leads in Internet marketing history. More and more businesses are working worldwide every day to advertise online. Google ads PPC as their source of online traffic are the first thing they look for.

Traffic is not sufficient; you need targeted traffic that becomes leads and ultimately customers. You need a balanced, well – managed PPC campaign to achieve this. We are a complete digital marketing company who is known for providing the best PPC services at Coimbatore for several businesses from the past several years. Sales and lead are one of the prime factors for a successful business. Our Google Ads/ PPC company in Coimbatore help to increases your lead and sales in your business.

Why we are the best PPC/ Google Ads Company in Coimbatore

Our PPC management company in Coimbatore helps to streamline your Pay per Click campaign.  We can build, adapt and optimize advertisements in real time using AdWords to adapt our approach based on campaign performance. We will use our skilled content writing team to develop polished ads that will attract the traffic on the website you deserve and aim to maximize the impact of your desired audience. With close to 80 percent of internet users exposed to Google’s ad network, Google AdWords Management investors can rest assured that their ads will reach the consumers ‘ eyes.

We manage your Google Ads account at ProPlus Logics to target keywords that lead to transformations (sales, leading, and goals) to your site. Our focused keyword research helps us to determine the most economical approach for qualified customers who are looking to find exactly what you offer. We are developing effective paid search campaigns through various tools and techniques that focus to meet your selling or leading target costs. By investing in Google Ads, you help highly enthusiastic buyers find their website which would not necessarily find them organically by means of optimizing search engines.

Our Strategy Involved in PPC

ProPlus Logics is embraced with professional who can understand your value of the cost and importance of each click. We follow the latest and agile methodologies that streamline your business.

Keyword Research

The foundation for a successful campaign is to determine the best keyword(s) to apply in the campaign. Our extensive research on keywords and competitors helps us determine which keywords are capable of providing the best possible RI.

Strategy Involved In PPC- Keyword Research, Competitor Campaign Analysis, Campaign Creation, Landing Page and Detailed Reporting

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Knowing how your competitors set up their Google AdWords campaign could provide a huge competitive benefit. We will provide you with insights into their offers to spend and finish pages.

Campaign Creation

We will configure your AdWords, create ad copies and configure all the settings. Multiple ad variations to achieve maximum conversion rates are generated and modified.

Landing Page

We can guide you in the right direction with a full in – house design and development team and implement highly converted landing pages without the need for a third party involvement.

Detailed Reporting 

Each month we will report the detail on what has been done and what the plan will be for the next month. With our team and yours, we will also organize a review call.

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