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Today smartphones have become more advanced and a necessity as they help us in easing and simplifying our day-to-day activities. If you own a smartphone, chances are you have at least 5 to 6 applications on your home screen which might have become an integral part of your life by now.  

Did you know? A recent report stated that on average, we all use 20 different apps for at least 37 hours a month! 

So this makes us ponder – Why are Mobile Apps so popular and loved by everyone?

To answer this, here in this blog, I’ll list out some of the interesting facts about them that make its users invested in using them.


Mobile App Development


 1. Faster than a web application 

 It is obvious that mobile applications provide a much more user-friendly experience over web versions of the same product/service. The apps can simply be downloaded by clicking and you are ready to go. However, for the web versions, you will always have to open a browser, which may sometimes have accessibility lags resulting in an utterly annoying experience. Therefore, mobile apps are far more focused on the consumer than websites.

  2. Easy to use 

One of the greatest improvisations of the past decade is time management and mobile apps aid in keeping up with it! According to current statistics, most people tend not to go to the store when they can buy the same item/service sitting at home. As a result, they don’t have to walk to different stores, compare prices and decide which is best for them. With the click of a button, they can access their best options while working or doing an essential activity.

  3. More convenient 

As I mentioned above, mobile apps have tremendously helped manage our daily workload. Right from booking cabs to ordering food, mobile apps have made our life easier and accessible. Eg. During pandemic mobile омг сайт apps like Netmeds, Pharmeasy apps offered home delivery services of medicines that mitigated the risk of infection by making a physical purchase. Also apps like Ola, Uber allows us to book a taxi anywhere, anytime which makes it very handy when you are in an outstation and want to book a cab at wee hours.


To sum up, technology evolves rapidly every day, and as a result, we evolve and adapt to the latest trends. Mobile Apps have become an inevitable as well as an integral part of our lives by helping us manage our everyday chores thereby improving efficiency.

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