To become a successful web designer, a person needs to be creative and have in-depth knowledge about the language" alt="">

Tips to become web designer

Tips to become web designer

It is wonderful and exciting to be successful person in any field. To become a successful web designer, a person needs to be creative and have in-depth knowledge about the language. It also needs dedication and skills in excel in the field of web designing.

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Here are tips become Web designer below will help you to become a successful web designer

Learn to buy a domain

Website creation starts from buying a domain of your choice. The name of your domain should match with your need for a website. Lets see in detail the parts of a URL (website address)

An URL will have protocol, sub-domain, Domain and Top level Domain. A Domain name may be short or long extending up to 67 characters.

Some of the top level domains are .edu, .com, .in, .org, .gov and many more. A few Domain sellers: Name Cheap, Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Hover, Big Rock and many more.

Find the Right hosting

Think considering the below factors while choosing your hosting partner

· Pricing: Some hosting companies advertise domains at cheaper rate. But when you get closer to buy, they cost more. The common added fee will be for registration and security. Sometimes you would want to change your registrar. Some companies do it for free, while some companies cost additional fee for this transfer. This transfer should be communicated well in advance while you purchase the domain.

· Customer Support: Customers should be respected. They should be available to help you when you are in need. The support person should be at your assistance whenever something goes wrong, either by your side or by on call assistance.

· Drop Catching: There maybe times when you forget to renew your domain. Once it expires, some other person could buy that expired domain causing you loss of your domain or maybe a loss in your business too. In this case some service providers hold back the domains for certain period before re-selling the domains and also send messages for renewal.

Choose a best platform

After buying your domain, the next step that you need to do is to select the platform that you are going to work on. Few of the platforms that are commonly used to build a website are PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, .NET, Open Cart. Among these, Word Press is the most elderly platform used as blogging platform. PHP is a server side scripting language mainly for building dynamic websites. Joomla is the most desirable platform for content management. It is preferred for websites having more functional and is powerful. It is a open source platform. Usually the e-commerce sites are build using Magento.

Fulfill user’s Requirements

After you choose and install your desired theme, listen to what your client is looking out from the website. Suggest ideas. Be creative. The website should be fully secured from all hacking systems. Make sure your project satisfies all the requirements.

Test and Host

Once all the above points are ticked green, you are green to launch your website. But before you can launch, the final and most important thing that you need to do is testing.

· Check for bugs, loading time.

· Double check for spellings.

· Make sure the website is user friendly and readable to all.

· Check if the URL is functional

· Make sure the 404 page is set up correctly

· Check for duplicate tags

· Make sure it is SEO friendly

These are the basic checks before launching.

Happy web designing!!

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