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6 Best Tools That Help you to Boost your Content Strategy

Back then, early 20’s content marketing was considered to be trivial in the marketing community. However, things tend to change as of today; content marketing is one of the must-have strategies in every online marketing.

About 95% of the marketer feel content strategy helps their brand to gain credibility by providing relevant information to their audience. Although, churning out a creative new content daily basis can hefty and involves more time and marketing budget.

This is where the Content curation comes to play. For all those, you don’t know about content curation is finding the relevant information for your audience from the various authority source and sharing it in the different formate strategically through your communication medium.

For example,

Churning out a round-up blog can be really cool but drain out your time and little tricky, On the other side with the content curation, you can find the relevant information from various social media, YouTube, infographics to gather information which can drastically cut down the time.

The content curation can he handy and a great void to engage your audience; there are some content curation tools that help you to find the relevant content ideas. Here I have listed 6 best tools that help you to boost your content strategy.

Content Strategy tools- Scoop it,Pinterest, Pocket, Feedly, Curata,List.Ly

1. Scoop it

Whether you are starting a small business or a professional. Scoop helps you to find relevant content and helps you to publish it on your website and share it on your social profile.

With Scoop it, you can create a newsletter in a minute and helps you promote your content in various third party medium. Scoop it also suggest you with complementary topics and recommends authority user to follow for gaining new ideas.

The free version allows you to only one topic and which has 50 scoops. However, the paid plan comes with various features like sharing in social media, create more pages, and more. The paid plan starts from $14.99 per month.

2. Pinterest

When we are talking about ideas, we can’t talk without including Pinterest. Pinterest is the social media platform that allows the user to find information on various niches such as Fashion, lifestyle, food, medical, and more in the form of pictures and videos. It also allows the user to create broad (private or public broad) so the helps the user to save and share the pins that they find interesting.

So did they help in Content strategy?

You can build a free Pinterest account and start pinning interesting content (which is presumably what your target audience is keen to see) to your own boards as part of your content curation strategy. Then you can share these content to get your audience interested. Pinterest also allows you to join other boards and will как зайти на омг provide you with inspirations and suggestions from businesses with a target market similar to yours.

3. Pocket

If you are really into content curation, No deny fact pocket is one of the best tools you can rely on. As the name suggests, it’s very handy it comes with plugin all you need to do is install the plugin.

Once it is installed, all you have to do is click on the save button whenever you find the relevant piece of content for your content strategy on the internet.
If you are overwhelmed by various emails, links, and bookmarks, the pocket is a user-friendly tool that helps you to clear out your mess and organize your content.

It comes with a built-in search feature that helps you to find your content easily, and tag option comes in handy as it allows you to create a tag for content you easily sort out the content.

4. Feedly

It is very crucial for a marketer to keep track of the latest news in the industry like new trends in social media, new product launch, following expert guide, etc.

Have you ever been in the situation when you find an interesting piece of content on a website due to some situation you decide to read it later, the time flies you forget where you find the content? You are not alone as a busy marketer finds hard to keep track of the various source they find on the internet.

Feedly thus gathers content and displays it for easy consumption from your favorite sources. Feedly organizes content from emails, tweets, YouTube channels, RSS feeds, blogs, and some keywords as well.

Feedly organizes content from emails, tweets, YouTube channels, RSS feeds, blogs, and some keywords as well
Curata is one of the innovative and great business tools that offer various content ideas

5. Curata

Curata is one of the innovative and great business tools that offer various content ideas. It allows you to use a keyword to find content, author, various new source to find new and relevant ideas, and bookmark content effectively.

Moreover, this tool allows you to crowdsource interesting content in various social media like facebook, website, blog, etc.

The best feature about the Curata is you can sent customized content before you share like adding voice notes, images, etc.

6. List.ly

List.ly lets you curate content in the form of lists that you will be able to publish or post later on your WordPress website.

The website application and iOS app are available for you to build on-the-ground lists. Its chrome extension and bookmarklet also help you add content from anywhere on the internet to your lists.

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