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E-Commerce SEO Company

Do your products rank above those of your competitors? Does your company grow at a fast pace? Our cost-effective

E-commerce SEO services will help your products rank and boost sales in excess of your competitors. You can surely grow your business through our personalized E-commerce SEO packages.

What is E-commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO is the process of optimizing your E-commerce website to increase ranking SERP and visibility.

Why you need an E-commerce SEO?

E-commerce is considered to be one of the leading sectors in business nowadays. Everyone relies on e-commerce for their needs and requirements. There is no doubt that business people are utilizing this opportunity and investing more on their E-commerce website to increase their sales and ROI. But there are some limitations, as numerous e-commerce website are showing up every day. Making your website visible to your customer is considered to one of the arduous tasks even your website looks attractive and user-friendly. This is where e-commerce SEO shows up. E-commerce SEO helps fill the gap between targeted customers and your e-commerce website which is regarded to be the significant and difficult method in creating a successful online business. At ProPlus Logics, We take pride our self in rendering the best E-commerce SEO Services in Coimbatore. Kick start your website with our SEO service to increase you’re ranking and visibility. Our skilled technical team helps your business to protrude your expectation.

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Why we are claimed to be The Best E-commerce SEO company in Coimbatore?

The successful e-commerce relies upon how easily customers can search and find your product and services. Since websites for E-commerce mainly have similar pages, it is very difficult to optimize them for search engines. Various factor such as Generic manufacturer description, CMS system and Myriad of the product can be obstacles to the ranking of your website. It is essential to hire a professional and expert E-commerce SEO company in Coimbatore to improve visibility in the store and for long – term success.

ProPlus Logics is one of the top-notch E-Commerce SEO Company in Coimbatore. Our e-Commerce SEO professionals are highly enthusiastic and craft effective custom – based strategies to optimize each product, category and brand. The best ranking is said to be achieved through the latest, best SEO tactics. Our SEO expert in e-commerce SEO does the same in a professional way to achieve ranking. Our E-commerce SEO Company in Coimbatore are extremely successful in making an e-Commerce Company visible over the web and enabling it to achieve the best results within a short period of time.

Our Process involved in E-commerce SEO


Knowing your business, audience, and influence factor is very important in optimizing the website. In order to develop your customized e-commerce SEO Strategy for your business, our expert team will study categories, products, and services carefully and come up with the report.

Competitive analysis

Our E-commerce SEO company in Coimbatore analyze keyword rankings; search strategy for competitors, campaigns, etc. and produce a detailed report that outsmarts the competitors.

On-Page Optimization

Before we optimize the page, we evaluate the technical audit results. The Meta tags, architecture, description, web content, channel pages, loading time and so on are optimized.

OFF –page Optimization

After the on-page optimization, our off page expert will focus on all off page factors such as building backlinks from social platforms and content marketing. We help create meaningful and relevant content for your products and services.


Our monthly progress reports will keep you updated on progress to ensure long – term results, to revisit the strategy if necessary.

Why choose us

  • In the field of online marketing ProPlus Logics is a trusted name. We are the one-stop destination for all of your E-commerce SEO needs
  • Our E-commerce SEO service in Coimbatore follow agile methodologies that help to improve your ranking in the most effective way.
  • Our SEO Specialist has years and years of experience in the field of e-commerce had provided some outstanding result to your clients.
  • We have helped various clients from startup to larger organization to reach the top of the SERP.
  • Our SEO Company in Coimbatore offers High-quality SEO services at the most competitive price in the market
  • We care about your valuable data so we follow transparency in work followed with high data security policies.
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