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Sensational Reasons Why SEO is important

SEO is been characterized as the kind of alchemy which caused many organization to reach their potential audience. No matter what type of organization they are.
But still, most of us don’t know what this lucrative strategy holds for their business.
SEO has become a crucial element in online business.

While paid ads, social media, and other online medium generate traffic, but the majority of the traffic is driven from the Search engine.

Did you most of the more than 3.5 billion searches are done in Google every day.
No matter what your services and products are there is always someone who looks for your business every day online.

Moreover, that last study had proven SEO has better Leads and ROI when compared to traditional marketing.

Therefore it shows SEO has already become a must-have strategy if you are considering an online business. SEO brings brand awareness, more online visibility which means more traffic and opportunity of converting into a customer. Let go even discuses about why SEO is important in any business.

Organic search plays huge part in the website traffic as well as in the customer funnel

Only 8% page s are visible to the Google

Organic search plays huge part in the website traffic as well as in the customer funnel. As I said earlier many people look for a business online.

Therefore it is essential to be visible to Google.
Latest report stated that 91% of the pages are invisible to Google.

Do you want to invisible like the rest 91%?
Of course No right!!

Without SEO you can’t simply get visible by the Google or any other search engine. SEO plays a big part in generating organic traffic and making your business to Google and the audience.

SEO Builds Business Credibility and Trust

Whenever the searcher enters the keyword they are mentally taking note of the website which appears on the Top the result. This might not be consciously aware searchers but they do make a note in the mind. It’s like Google showing “this is relevant and trusted a website for your keywords”. This ranking helps to build confidence among the visitors. You become a trusted resource among the rest of other competitors.

SEO bring Traffic and Engagement to your website

Yeah, I understand traffic alone doesn’t bring you customers but if you see in this way if your website gets more traffic there is a chance that your services are seen many people there many chances you can audience might convert into a potential customer.
If you are still not convinced by my point let me give you an example

Let us assume you are running a restaurant in India.

If you see “Indian Restaurant” has the search volume of 90,500
which means 90,500 people are searching for this keyword every day. Therefore if Google ranks you top on SERP when a user looks for an Indian restaurant. Your website will get an average visitor of about 40,000 per day there high possibility among 40,000 people some might convert into a customer.

SEO Helps to Know your Audience Better

Let me get it straight. As I said earlier SEO generate traffic, as a result, it brings the audience to the website with some tools like Google, analytics you can completely measure the where you visitors had visited in your webpage. That helps you know which the services your audience are interested are in and helps you to enhance your business according to your audience interest.

SEO is cheaper

Compared to other traditional marketing or paid ads, social media ads etc SEO is relatively cheap and the payoff will be most like for brand growth and benefits. It is more like an investment rather than a marketing cost.

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