WhatsApp Marketing

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp belongs to a Facebook organization that’s a free application that will work with an internet connection and it will help the user to chat with other frequent users without SMS text message charges. And it also helps to share the files like images, document, voice and Video calls

WhatsApp is used by 60% of the population in India for communication purpose because it reduces high SMS charges. in fact, That’s the alternative application for SMS in maximum countries and it is very user-friendly so it creates a new user for every 5 minutes. And it has 55.6 percent population of the world.

As I said before Facebook is acquired WhatsApp for $19billion USD in February 2014, and it is working different entity since then, and it follows a unique style to make the user to stable on that messenger strongly.

WhatsApp Marketing for Business

Whenever you think of digital marketing the social media will strike on the mind for sure like Facebook, Twitter apart from that messenger apps will do a vital role in a digital business in terms of users. And it keeps on improving and the messenger will be used in digital marketing to improve the ROI and for lead generation.

Here the market leader is WhatsApp no doubt in that it holds 1.5 billion monthly active user and it keeps on increasing day by day so we have to keep a valid presence in WhatsApp Business without any doubts.

So the WhatsApp marketing is not the one to ignore in digital business, At the same time, we have to know how effectively we can use that service to promote our business to billions of people in a proper way.

Features of WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, There are three basic ways to share the content like the message, image
One-to-One Chat

Similar to another chat program here also we can chat directly with another person who is available in their contact list. As well as Voice call and Video Call.

Broadcast Lists

In the email we have an option called blind carbon copy BCC the same option will work here in WhatsApp. We can add 256 contacts in a broadcast in a time and send a message or any file it will send it through the individual. That doesn’t know we are sending to 256 contacts in the list and it will forward to every individual contact.


We can create a forum in WhatsApp in the name of the group we can send and be in contact with the user by sending a message, photos, and videos. at the same time, everyone will contribute to the group.

Why should you use WhatsApp for business?

The major reason why we use WhatsApp for business is the large crowd is available on the WhatsApp. This reason is more enough to do a business in WhatsApp.

ProPlus Logics hold a unique tool for sending a bulk WhatsApp message to the users. Here we can send a 1000 message in just 15mins and you can reach the 15000 users in a day. It will help you in multiple ways like Brand awareness, Lead Generation, Website Traffic, YouTube subscription, Facebook Promotion. etc.

This WhatsApp tool comes with a very affordable price in Coimbatore that will create a big impact with your market for outbound marketing and you can reach 4 Lakhs people in a month. It will cut off the marketing cost into 10% of your business.

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